Connoisseur Box 

This box is tailored toward the cigar enthusiast. Most likely, you enjoy a few cigars every month, but you haven't strayed from your acquired tastes. You tend to smoke only a few brands, but you really enjoy those few brands. 


The goal of this box it to expand the cigar enthusiast's horizons. We will provide you with cigars that are less common to the average cigar enthusiast. We will provide you with an expanded taste in cigars. Hopefully, you will find you new go-to cigar in this box! 

Every month our box contents change. The contents in the picture most likely will not be the items you receive. You will receive items of similar context and quality. Our orders ship on the 28th of each month. The cut off day for payment is the 15th of the month. If subscribed after the 15th, your subscription will commence in the following month. 


You may cancel your subscription at any time.